I'm Mandy Brigwell.
Let x=x.

I make art: electronic, generative, periodic, repetitive, stochastic.

A meditation on landscape, horizons, structure and space

The lone and level lands stretch far away…

Cs-55 (Tears in Rain)

A canvas is split into regions, defined by a point and an angle. Across this canvas, random points are chosen, assigned values according to the number of regions in which they reside. Messy, splattered points are thrust into the void, forming a chaotic starfield of colourful beauty. And there, overlaid in scratchy, blur-smeared tracks, are the c-beams: atoms of Caesium-55 accelerated to near-light speeds, or so I'm told.

The Elegant Plane

A spiritual successor to The Elegant Void, eschewing circular motion for the limitless extent of a Euclidean plane, and the intricate foldings of Truchet tiling systems.