Selected fx(hash) Pieces

November 2021 - Current

A generative map of imaginary places, featuring a completely generated landscape, with varying sea and detail levels. Will it feature plains? Islands? Rolling Hills? Mountain Ranges? Only the random number generator knows…

This artwork features curated colour palettes, and to add interest I gave them exciting, evocative names. In fact, there's a lot of whimsical and quirky humour here, as I added themed and generated place names and landmarks.

It's also interactive: try pressing 'l', 'n' or 's' to save an image.

‘Softer Fields’ is an exploration of flow fields, delineated by variations in hue, opacity and stippling. An underlying grid is modified using vectors controlled by Perlin noise, whilst smaller flow fields add texture to the piece.

It's an animated piece, with generation taking place over a short period of time, the stroke changing as the animation sequence ends. Generation stops, and the piece is complete: a screenshot can be saved in high resolution by pressing 's'.