August 2021 - November 2021

About the Algorithm

Statix is similar to Calyxia, but with a number of differences. The grid density is higher, the size of the dots variable, and each dot is affected slightly by its neighbours. This leads to a ghosted, distorted effect. Some post-processing is added to enhance the noise-based aesthetics, and there is a chance-based opportunity for the image to be rotated, reflected or duplicated. Essentially, Statix is still iterating over a grid with a time-based function, but with enough alteration to make the results very different.

I refactored Statix in late October 2021, based on a Processing template I've been developing, and removing some embarrassing code in the process. I've also been looking into altering the dot size, producing a blurred, patchy version of the algorithm.

Selected Still Images from Statix

An early version of the Statix program