Miscellaneous Pieces

July 2021 - September 2021

YKK is named after the famous producer of zips, the YKK group. It's a minor point of fascination for me that almost every zip on every piece of clothing I own was made by the same group.

A slightly-embarrassing moment on the naming front here. Somewhat twee, whilst I can't deny 'swirly flower' describes this piece well, I'm not proud of the choice. It took some time to make it loop, as well, and I ended up manually adjusting the frames before rendering. Early days, and an important lesson.

Another victim of early naming conventions, this one also required much fiddling of framecounts and gif lengths. Another step on the learning ladder, as I began to realise the importance of starting out with a definite framecount and looping point in mind.

Dreech is a composite image formed from sixty-four separate renders of a halftone dot pattern. The Scottish word 'dreich' means dull or gloomy weather.

The inspiration for the Statix series, I was sufficiently impressed with this piece to re-write the algorithm to explore different parameters and colour palettes. Broke is named after that dreadful feeling when you watch a piece of expensive technology fall slowly to the floor at your feet, and hold your breath as you turn it on to see if the screen's okay…

Perhaps the clearest reference to my enjoyment of the works of Bridget Riley, Optica01 combines so many of my favourite things: monochromatic, repetitive, gridded, looped and optically challenging.