Works in Progress

Lately my pieces have been based around a dithered rendering process that takes place over time. There's also been something of a shared universe going on, based around an apocalyptic event caused by some kind of machine. References allude to it being some kind of particle accelerator, and I was pleased to hide further references in Mapped Orbits for Unbound Electrons. In the meantime…

Working title: Boundaries (Completed)

Status: Completed

Patterns form in sand over time. This piece is still in the works, but ceded a little development time to The Last Days of Fire and Steel, Visions of Escher, and Mapped Orbits of Unbound Electrons.

This piece was released under the title Boundary Conditions.

Working title: Spaced Glyphs

Status: In progress

I run a space-filling algorithm over a grid, then render the shapes with dithered gradients. This is still in progress, and features shifting blocks, varying gradients and movement over time. I think the Boundaries piece will take precedence, however.

Working title: Eye

Eye made it into the world as Visions of Escher. It's available on fxhash.

Working title: Circular Gradients

Circular Gradients became Mapped Orbits for Unbound Electrons.

Working title: Scribble

I think Scribble may have fallen by the wayside. The canvas space-filling algorithm turned into Spaced Glyphs up at the top of the page, and I'm glad to say I didn't resort to the lazy route of hard-coding four options and rotating. I'm embarrassed to have even thought of it…!